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Assessing Your Needs


Where to begin?
Join our list to obtain daily property updates and communicate with us via Real Scout. You can join here
Attend Open Houses to get a sense of the market and a feel for the style, flow and condition of homes.
Call/email us with homes you would like to visit. Try to drive-by first to get a feel for the neighborhood.


Make a Wish List!
Make a wish list of your dream home. Here are some things you should be considering:
‣ Price range
‣ City or town
‣ Street/Neighborhood
‣ Number of bedrooms
‣ Number of bathrooms
‣ Style of home
‣ Move in or fixer-upper
‣ Features you can’t live with or without
‣ Large or small yard



In today’s market, every buyer must be fully prequalified to finance a home. Every offer must be presented with a prequalification letter from a trusted lender and a deposit check.  Cash buyers, you will need to submit proof of funds.


Partner with a Professional
Here's where we come in! We have proven negotiation strategies to help our buyers win in this crazy market. We maintain a high level of communication, are fierce advocators in protecting your interests, have extensive market knowledge and even have dedicated transaction coordinators.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a buyer's agent?
In most real estate transactions there are 2 real estate agents. The Listing Agent who represents the best interests of the Seller and the Buyer’s Agent who represents the best interest of the buyer.
What is dual agency?
Dual Agency occurs when you are interested in making an offer on a property that your buyer’s agent is listing. In this case, your agent is representing both the buyer and the seller.
What is designated agency?
Designated Agency occurs when a buyer makes an offer on a house being listed by another agent at Leading Edge. In this case, your buyer agent represents only you, the buyer.
Do I really need a buyer's agent?
Answered simply, Yes! Buyer Agents have a responsibility to represent your best interests at all times.
How do buyer's agents get paid?
Buyer Agency commission agreements vary amongst companies. We get paid at the closing from the seller’s through the proceeds of the sale of their home.
Buyer Transaction Road Map
buyer transaction road map
We make it easy for you
Throughout the entire process, we're here to help, negotiate, solve problems, and advocate on your behalf.
Want to learn more about how we can help you find your dream home in this competitive market?
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