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Our Goal
To sell your home for the maximum price, in the shortest amount of time, with the most favorable terms and with the least amount of stress on you.


You are in Control
You control whether to make the necessary repairs to your home. You select the agent to represent you. You decide if you're going to stage your home. You decide the asking price. 
We can guide you, but ultimately these decisions are up to you.


Keys to Success
We've got the keys to success to selling your home for top dollar
‣ Decluttering
‣ Improvements
‣ Staging
‣ Curb Appeal
‣ Pricing


Marketing your Home
We have an in-house design team to handle your marketing collateral, as well as a system to get your home the most online exposure we can from advertising to social media and more. All of our homes are professionally photographed so that each piece of marketing material looks professional and clean. Our marketing timeline is well executed for each property.


Pricing Strategy
A strategic list price is the name of the game!

Our team is exceptionally good at creating bidding wars strategic pricing, and know that if you price right out of the gate, we can help you attract the attention of multiple buyers who may drive the price up and yield you the most amount of money.  It's important to remember that even in a swift seller's market, there is still the potential to over-price. 

Home Selling Timeline
Marketing Timeline
We make it easy for you
We can get your home SOLD! - quicker, more efficiently, and for more money than the others. We've got the proven strategies that work time and time again.
Want to learn more about how we sell your home for top dollar? We would love to help!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a seller's agent?
In most real estate transactions there are 2 real estate agents. The Listing Agent who represents the best interests of the Seller and the Buyer’s Agent who represents the best interest of the buyer.
What is dual agency?
Dual Agency occurs when you are interested in making an offer on a property that your buyer’s agent is listing. In this case, your agent is representing both the buyer and the seller.
What is designated agency?
Designated Agency occurs when a buyer makes an offer on a house being listed by another agent at Leading Edge. In this case, your buyer agent represents only you, the buyer.
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